Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Today's World-Wide Web

The World-Wide Web (or World-Wide Wait) has changed the way we communicate with other human beings and the way business transactions take place in this today's world. While this has changed the way we see the world. It has also changed our perception towards computers.

When computer was invented first it was mere a computing device used for numerical calculation. But since then they've evolved over a period of time and today they are not limited to numerical calculation. Today they are primarily used for information processing, databases, text processing, games, scientific calculations to name a few.

Coming back to WWW, in its current form it contains informations which can be consumed only by human being. No matter whether we look at a static HTML page or a dynamic web page where the information is retrieved from database, they are presented in a form which can be understood only by human beings. They have no significance for machines or computers.

The typical application of today's web includes surfing and browsing for information, making purchases online, connecting to other peoples etc. But if we look at these processes the main thing which comes out of it is, they are all driven by human although there is a software which supports all these activities. But they are limited to things like saving and retrieving data, establishing connections, routing to different webservers, establishing communication with other servers around the globe etc.

But these all have their own limitations and the biggest limitation is they have the pre-defined set of instruction as and how to do. The highly-sophisticated machines cannot decide their own course of action. They cannot process the information on their own.

In next in the series we will discuss what are the problems faced by the Current Web architecture.

Until Next Time.. :)