Monday, December 11, 2006

Is World Ready for AI?

Last week I was discussing Artificial Intelligence and the Semantic Web (W3C roadmap) with few friends of mine. Every body started to describe the kind of work they are doing and how they see the whole thing will flow in future.

In the middle of this discussion It just strike in my mind, Is the world ready for that kind of sophisticated technology. We are talking about data being located on internet and one can get complete information about where he/she is located on his/her palmtop.

There were few things which came out during the discussion:

1. There is a need of such a technology which can make use of the data stored on array of servers dispersed geographically.

2. There is a requirement for such an agent who can read those data, especially the sensitive data about an individual.

3. There is a requirement of an authentication mechanism where an individual can gain access to his data and provide controlled access to others. It is desirable to have the customization feature based on an individual user or a group of users (boss, friends etc).

4. There is a requirement of an uniform way to represent the data. Here I see XML as a potential solution. Refer to my earlier post Representing Knowledge Using XML where I've put forward a case to use XML as one of the way to represent knowledge (data).

5. There is a requirement of allowing the agents (Agent of user who requests and Agent of user who processes the request) to choose the best possible algorithm for producing the output. But at the same time the room for human intervention should also be there.

The list goes on and on. But at the end when I ask a question is the world today ready for such a sophisticated computing mechanism? Unfortunately the answer I get is we are not there yet. We might have to wait for few more years before we can start seeing these (listed above) being part of normal human being.

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ATUL DOGRA said...

after reading this post i think so you must be a computer genius as well as mastered languages also

James McGovern said...

Would it be possible if in a future blog entry you could talk about semantic approaches from an industry vertical perspective and also include what standards bodies such as ACORD ( and others need to do in order to embrace semantic approaches.

Thanks in advance.

Samir Kumar Mishra said...

Thanx James for your suggestion. I will surely include a post in coming months on the topic you mentioned.