Monday, June 29, 2009

Search Engines

Search is the next big thing in the World Wide Web and every big player is trying their best to capture the bigger market share of the search today. Recently I had a chance to learn about Microsoft's new Search Engine Bing and came to know that the product bing is a result of M$ buying a company that was working on Semantic Search.

With my limited interaction with Bing I did not find any WOW factor with it. The accuracy of result is bit better than google search result, but still it misses out quite a few search results (what google brings back) with high level of relevance. But it promises to be a good alternative for google search.

I also tried out Wolfram Alpha's Computational Knowledge Engine. In my opinion that is not a search engine, the Wolfram Alpha is more like a knowledge engine, that brings back facts when we submit a query. I tried to ask few questions related to Biotech and other science subjects but the result were quite disappointing, as sometime it showed me the share prices of the company and sometimes it did not bring anything at all.

The search engine technology is still far from being matured and it will be sometime before we see a fully matured search engine that can answer most of our queries. We need a true semantic search if we want to build a search engine that is helpful to the users. In the next post I will discuss more about how a true semantic search can be achieved.

Until Next Time....!!!