Thursday, November 20, 2008

Facts, Beliefs, Truths, Goals, Statements

Off-late I've been busy reading about Semantics of Facts and Goals etc. There are many things in our day-to-day life that we come across. These are Statements, Facts, Goals, Beliefs, Truths, Obligations etc. Most of what we know or don't know fall in any (or more) of these categories. This made me thinking as what is this all about? What is the common thing among all these? What differentiates them? and many more questions pertaining to this topic.

Recently while researching on these topics I could draw these relations.
  1. Statement is the common ancestor of Goal, Beliefs, Obligations, Truths, Facts etc.
  2. Except Goal everything works is valid for a given time (has time component) and place.
  3. Expression of goal needs two states for the same object. One is the initial state and one is the State of the object at any given time t when we claim the object has achieved the goal. The statement that an entity has achieved its goal is always in comparison to the state of entity at the time when the process to achieve the goal begun.
  4. Beliefs change over period of time.
  5. Facts are discovered not invented. They are present whether we know about them or not.
  6. Facts belong to Closed-World semantics.
  7. Beliefs belong to Open-World semantics and as discussed earlier they are constructed and can be destroyed as well.
I still have long way to go on this way. Any pointers from readers would be good.

PS: Its been almost 2 months since I had my last post on this blog. But I plan to come back in full swing soon and start posting regularly.

Until next time... !!!