Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Search Engines

After a long gap I am posting something to my blog. Well there has be numerous activities and the most important among all those was getting married last month. The whole February month was filled with travel, meeting family and friends etc. Finally the day when I realized, the holiday was already over and it was time for me to come back to real world. Well I am back now in real world and will be posting something interesting as I discover something on the way of my research on the semantic web.

The most common use of internet today is for searching. The idea is to locate and access information or resources on the web. For example finding out more about the Formula 1 cars etc.

Today the search engines are based on Keywords. They can retrieve documents which contain the given keywords. As long as they given document contains the keyword it will be included in the search result and later shown to the user. The current web then passes on the pain to read and interpret whether the page makes any sense to the user or not. To understand this let us see how search engines are constructed. In this and few more upcoming posts I will be discussing in detail about the search engine and why they function how they function. In this post I will focus primarily on the problem (as described earlier) and some more detail about the search engines.

Today the contains hundreds of millions of web pages. To locate few handful of paged we might be interested in among those hundreds of millions of paged we use search engines like google, yahoo etc. They are the most popular search engines besides others like Altavista, Live Search etc. Inspite of the differences claimed by them a large part of it still remains the same. The fundamental of a search engine building remains the almost the same.

In the future posts will discuss about how the search engines are constructed and why they can do only the keyword search. The next post will be based on creating Index table which is being used by the search engines.

Until Next Time....