Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Semantic Search Criteria

In Previous posts I mentioned Semantic Search and the starting point for Semantic Search. But as we all agree that search needs some sort of criteria to filter the results. In this post I am going to put down my thoughts on what I see as a criteria for the Semantic Search.

Semantic search is a result of conversation between user (human or machine) and the machine. The conversation is two way where the requester sends out search criteria and machine brings out a possible set of results that matches the criteria. But there is a twist to this process. The search criteria for semantic search is not straightforward like normal search. There are more to the search criteria than a query condition. For Semantic Search:
  1. We need to mention whether the condition must be meet or it is not important to fulfill the condition.
  2. In case there is a contradiction (with another condition) which one would take precedence?
Also the output must contain the relevancy factor with respect to the criterias entered by the user. There should be some sort of indication as how many of optional and additional criterias have been meet.

I am still yet to work out how the criterias will be evaluated against the objects available within the knowledgebase. Will be posting my thoughts on this as I progress further.

Until Next Time....!!!