Saturday, December 30, 2006

Resolutions for the New Year

Its time of the year when we take a stock of what we had planned for the previous year viz a viz what we achieved. What we left on the way and where we gave up. But while on one hand we talk about what happened in the past we also make resolutions for the new year. While the new year eve celebrations are just under 48 hrs away we already have list of things TODO in the new year. While I was looking at what I am planning to achieve in the world of Semantics Database I can see that in the coming year I need to:
- Work on Finding the best way to represent the dynamic data.
- How to get over the problem of merging two different Taxonomies and Ontologies.
- How to represent the Knowledge (we gather over a period of time) and subsequently build a Knowledge Base.
- How to Import the Knowledge from an existing Knowledge Base.
- What logic we need to apply to process the data which is not represented in linear form like we get from a SQL based RDBMS.
- How do we ensure that the Process Result are kind of understood by the computer.
- How do we manage the interaction between two or more agents and define a Trust Relationship among them.

There are lots of things which I am planning at this moment to do.

Recently I was contacted by a someone from other part of the world and he suggested me to have a post on Semantic Approaches from an Industry Vertical Perspective. Same in the line of what ACCORD does. This is one more task I am adding to my list of TODO for the year 2007.

I am not sure how the list will appear one year from now when I am doing the stocktake once again. But I am sure of one thing that the list will not be the same as it is today. There will be few new items added, few removed of become obsolete. But yah the New Year is bringing lots of promises with it and I expect to have a busy year like It was in the year gone by.

Have a Wonderful and Prosperous Year Ahead...

Until Next Time..:)