Tuesday, January 09, 2007

What is Knowledge Representation?

A Happy New Year to those who are reading this. May this year brings success in all your endeavors.

A while ago in my post relating to Knowledge and Its Representation I left with few questions as how to represent a knowledge. While I spent a fair amount of time reading about knowledge and its representation. Few days back I came across the paper What is Knowledge Representation by Davis, Shore and Szolovits from MIT AI Lab and Laboratory of Computer Science. I was confronted with few things:
  1. Knowledge Representation(KR) is a Surrogate. A substitute for the thing itself, used to enable an entity to determine consequences by thinking rather than acting.
  2. KR is a set of ontological commitments. ie It makes an attempt to answer the question as "In What terms I should think about the World"
  3. It is a fragmenting theory of intelligent reasoning represented in terms of the three components mentioned below
    • The representation's fundamental conception of intelligent reasoning
    • the set of inferences the representation sanctions and
    • the sent of inferences it recommends.
  4. It is a medium for Pragmatically efficient Computation ie the computational environment in which the thinking is accomplished.
  5. It is medium of Human Expression ie a language in which we say things about the world. The point to note here is that we are talking about the universal language here.
After reading journal while most of my questions were answered upto an extent, but the desire to know more made me read this entire journal 3 times so far. I am on my way to dig more on each of the point mentioned above and will be putting here one by one in future posts.

Until Next time...:)