Tuesday, November 21, 2006

The Joy of Being a Developer

Being in this profession for almost 11 years now, Sometimes this question runs through my mind as who are we? As it appears or as the world thinks of us, We (Developers) are a bunch of very very analytical and logical thinking guys. We try to analyze all the problems in the world in a logical manner. But nobody cares or gives a thought about the creative side of ours.

As a part of the developer community, I often think why we develop? There are thousands of reasons for many developers around the world. For a big chunk this is to earn for living. For few of them they develop to earn extra cash which can give them a rich lifestyle. I develop because I like to do it. Its not something which I was forced to do rather I love sitting in front of the comp and writing code.

But for most of us we are missing the fun of being a developer. The real fun of being in this profession is the creativity. I am sure we all must have jumped with joy when our first Program (Hello World) worked properly. But then on I personally experienced the satisfaction when a C-code of 4 line could restart the old DOS PC and we cried our heart out (with anger) when we found that the program which is crashing is because of the poor code written by the Tool Developer itself (which we relied on). Because those lazy programmers just wanted to get the job done.

More often than not we don't realize the amount of satisfaction we(developers) could get out of our profession by changing the way we look at our job functions little bit. Why not take the new task as a challenge for doing it better way than just doing it. The challenge could be anything, writing a code with fewer key-stroke, writing an optimized code etc. While this generates the excitement while doing the regular work, it also increases our Knowledge-Base.

All it calls for is some sort of out of box approach towards our regular job. The Joy of Being a Developer :)

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Ankit said...

really true dude!!
keep it up