Monday, November 13, 2006

Human Brain and Quantum Physics

A while ago in office I was having a discussion related to Quantum Physics and modeling the human brain. It was a good discussion where Brian was explaining his experiences with modeling and representing realities in terms of partial differential equations.

Human brain is a collection of nerves tissues and they have a very unique way of storing information and retrieving it. Considering the fact that the number of such tissues are in order of billions and there is a mesh kind of structure they form. But then again as we study more about humans and the way human brain work. Few questions pop up immediately:
1. How does human brain stores information?
2. What is the format in which the information is stored in the brain?
3. How does it relate one information to Other?
4. Why do we remember something which happened long back but forgot something which happened recently?
5. Why it is easy for us to work with images and pictorial impression and difficult to do lengthy calculations?

There are many such questions which can be asked about it. But one of the question which I am very interested (personally) in knowing is how does it relate one form of information to another?

While studying books on Knowledge representation I did come across few pointers which tell me how the informations can be inter-related. At this moment I am not in a position where I can comment more on that. But as I progress further on this topic I will keep posting what I learn.

There are many such questions I am coming across these days. As I am getting more into the world of Semantics and ways to interlink informations with each other too many HOWs and WHATs are popping into my mind.

Until next time :)