Monday, October 26, 2009

Representing Frequency

While reading about Tree of Porphyry (proposed by Ramon Lull in 1272) I learnt about the 10 questions that can be asked to any entities. But one thing that was missed out of this list is representing frequency. Suppose some process A takes place every 2 days. So we need to find a mechanism to represent the repetition and the frequency at which this occurs. Ramon Lull describes When as the question that can represent the date and time related attribute of the object.

What I propose is extending the 10 questions as listed in Tree of Porphyry and adding another question to the list How Often. The purpose of how often is to represent the frequency of a repetitive attribute of the object. It will have few sub attributes like a Value (How Much) and the Unit (What Kind). Together these will describe the nature of the repetition.

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Simon Raboczi said...

I'm pretty sure ISO 8601 formalizes most of the common recurrent periods of time, and XML Schema supports a subset of that, with types such as xsd:gMonthDay which you might use for a recurring holiday.

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