Monday, July 13, 2009

Information and Knowledge

Does Information mean Knowledge or vice-versa? This is often the topic of discussion when I happen to talk about knowledge and its role in Semantic Web. More often than not we confuse information with knowledge.

So what is information? It is the smallest detail we have (fact in the system) about an entity. Today is Monday is an information, But Monday is first day of work week is not. In western countries first day of week is Monday but that is not true for middle-east, their week begins on Sunday.

So how do we define knowledge? Knowledge is the interpretation of information. In our previous example, Monday is the first day of the week or not depends in which country's context we are discussing Monday. We can define knowledge as Information related to a context. If not attached to a context, the information does not convey any meaning and that means the information is of no use hence cannot be classified as knowledge. So for an information to be classified as knowledge we must have the context attached to it.

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