Monday, February 16, 2009

Reasoning Mechanism and Project Halo

After a long silence I am back again to unleash the ideas through this blog. A while ago I had a look at the Questions of Project Halo and that made me thinking as how can I represent chemical elements and work out a general mechanism to represent elements, compounds and chemical reactions.

What I found that using the classification described in Tree of Porphyry it was easy to describe them all and also that made the whole scenario simple to explain. Basically the chemical reactions has 3 core parts. Chemical Elements (including molecules), Compounds and the Chemical Reactions. For a chemical reaction to proceed we need to either elements or compounds or a mixture of both. The result is again a compound, element etc.

In the future posts I will discuss the procedure I am following to tackle the elementary level problems in chemistry. I would love to hear from the readers if they have a problem scenario in mind they want to discuss and then we can work out how to solve this using the reasoning mechanism I am working on. The more complex the problem is, the better it will be for me work out an appropriate way to solve the same.

Until Next Time....