Monday, July 09, 2007

Off Topic - A Mysterious Visitor

Hello to all the readers and visitors of this blog. I thank you for the time you spend reading through the thoughts I put in here.

However recently while looking through my visitors log I found that there is a Mysterious Visitor to the blog who is located in LA, California and (s)he loves the blog so much that he makes it a point to visit at least 4-5 times a day at times. I am yet to get the complete detail of this visitor and just wanted to let him know that I am very close to know who you are. But before I do that it will be good if you can let me know little bit about yourself. I will be happy to exchange thoughts with you.

My email id is located on top left of the blog page and last time I checked it worked fine so that should not be a problem either.

Little busy these days reading graph theory and its application(s). I am trying to find a possibility to represent a semantic relation using graph theory. I will be back with regular content in couple of days again.

Until Next time.. :)